Gary Moore-inspired minor blues ballad backing track in G minor. RIP Gary.

Watch on youtube - with intro improvisation:

Chord progression:

II: Gm I Cm I Gm I Gm I
I Cm I Cm I Gm I Gm I
I D I Eb D I Gm I D :II

Knowing the arpeggios might come in handy...

Gm - G Bb D
Cm - C Eb G
D - D F# A
Eb - Eb G Bb

Suggested scales:

G Minor Pentatonic - G Bb C D F (G)

G Minor Blues Scale - G Bb C C# D F (G)

And -

G minor scale - G A Bb C D Eb F (G)

G harmonic minor scale (D chords) - G A Bb C D Eb F# (G)

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