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February 2019


Celebrating the release of DEEPER REALER SADDER today 💥

I don't say this enough: THANK YOU for allowing me to live this life dedicated to playing guitar.

I'm extremely grateful that I get to do this for a living. And it's all because I've been lucky enough to connect with so many of you guys around the globe, whether in person on tour or through the internet. I love and appreciate you all. 

Do add this track to a playlist, download it, let it grow on you...







Thank you, 







October 2018



Getting ready for Colombia tour next week! 


Our Patreon family just reached a new milestone. Thanks so much guys!!! 








In other news, 


For the players who fancy a challenge:


We've just released #4 in the new series of warm-up exercises,

probably the most challenging so far!!

Take your time to learn these flying sax patterns and your playing technique will get a NICE boost 🔥


John Coltrane on Guitar | Warm-up Exercise (+TAB)



You can grab the free TAB and backing track HERE




More September 2018


Really looking forward to playing Steve Vai's Big Mama Jama Jamathon this weekend! 

Big thanks to Stig Mathisen from Musicians Institute, for reaching out and inviting me to this awesome event!!!

I'll be playing a set with my band Sunday morning around 11, then joining the jam and then playing with Steve Vai around 12 noon.



I'm also really looking forward to playing Colombia in a few weeks.

I will be at this Festival every day and then continuing on to Bogota for more shows. 

Thanks to FretMonkey Records for making this happen, can't wait!




Here's one of the line-ups. 




September 2018



Yesterday I released an official audio video on YouTube feat. David Gilmour/Pink Floyd bass player Guy Pratt 


Pentaceratops Party Crasher (Audio)



I did that for a few reasons. The two main reasons being: 

1  Lots of people have mentioned this is their favorite track from TRIGGER 

2  I've been holding on to an idea for an inspiring music video for that track for (literally) years, but haven't had a chance to make this idea a reality. And before the next album is released I really, really want to give Pentaceratops Party Crasher this video.


I will explain in greater detail soon, but for now we've made a bunch of rewards and incentives for you guys to help us make this video!

I have a great team lined up and believe this will be my best video to date.

But the video won't happen without you guys' support. 

We have 32 days left to make it happen.

Check it out on my Patreon Page

ANY support will be greatly appreciated. 




In other news, 


Here are the recent jams from the past few days: 


G Minor Blues | Guitar Jam Track



Jazz Bass Jam Track | 2-5-1-6 in G







Bb Jazz Blues Jam Track




Scale Maps →







There's 6 more days to join the PLAYLIST and become the October KING of the Jam 

Just have a jam on the 24/7 Blues Jam LIVESTREAM and then follow the instructions :)





 Thank you and welcome to Jaime Padilla & Dave Maskeil 

latest members of our Patreon Tribe 🙏



Thanks for the support.











PS. Check out the new AMAZON GEAR LIST 





More February 2018



Tomorrow's Sunday Live Session guest is the talented Jon MacLennan



He's worked with Julian Lennon, Steven Tyler and Jamie Cullum, played guitar and ukulele on one of my favorite Netflix series,

had one of his songs in a major Hollywood film and released several guitar DVDs!  


You can read more about Jon here


Join us live at 12 PDT on YouTube




This week we had another brand new down & dirty Blues jam track on YouTube




We also had en epic 1 HOUR minor 2-5-1 jazz practice jam track!!!! 





I hope you guys will have tons of fun with these!!! 


Stay tuned for a brand new mashup coming on Monday..... I'm excited to share this one with you :)))) 



Skype Lessons HERE



See y'all soon! 








February 2018



Thanks to you, we are celebrating a new mindblowing milestone on YouTube this week... 


60 MILLION views!!!! 


As always, I want to try and give back in as many ways as I can think of. 


For a start,


Everything is 60% off ALL WEEK at and


Just use the code: 60M

I also had an impromptu Live Giveaway for the weekly Sunday Live Session 




For those of you who have spent ANY time learning guitar online,

you'll know one of the biggest guitar teachers in the world - Justin Guitar! 

I recently passed through London on tour in Europe and managed to swing by Justin's new studio

for a chat and to shoot a few videos.

Here's the first one, talking about one of the techniques I use a lot on Trigger


He's a fun cat to be around :) 


How about that number on the screen? HAHA


I also have loads of other colabs happening at the moment,

I look forward to sharing the results with you guys :)))




Blues..... it's the best, and recent weeks I've put out lots of it on YouTube 


For those of you who love jamming, practising with jam tracks or just listening to music... 

here's some fuel for your fire!


Slow Blues



30 minute Blues (!!!)



Jazz Blues 



Jazz Blues for the bass brothers


(Get the bassline TAB/notation HERE)


Speaking of jazz... I also made a different kind of video :)))


Inappropriate Jazz Solo Quotes! 



The TAB is here on Patreon 

I really appreciate the support.


Oh and lastly, I've opened up more Skype Lessons


Stay tuned for more live dates, tours and of course loads of music!



You guys rock. Thank you! 








January 2018



Happy New Year!


First of all, I hope you've entered the new year with a sense of good things to come!


Have you made any deals with yourself?


Lined up what you want to do more of?


Listed your goals?


For me, this is the time of year I like to plan my goals for the coming year and make sure I'm on a path I'm happy about!

It is also very much the time of year I like to look back at the past year - to appreciate the high points, as well as accept and maybe even learn from the low points. 


Having said that, I want to thank YOU for an amazing 2017. 


Personally, I have a lot to be grateful for.  


For a start, it was the year I signed with FretMonkey Records and finally released Trigger!! 



From the first single She #Zen debuting on Guitar World



To recording the video for Chromey Yum in the desert,

before a Bryan Ferry soundcheck in Las Vegas



It's been hard work, but truly magical at times :) 


In these days of no physical record sales, I actually managed to sell a good amount of signed Trigger CDs - largely thanks to being on tour with Bryan Ferry! 


These have now been made available online HERE


And speaking of Roxy Music,

2017 was also the year I got to play the legendary Hollywood Bowl with

Bryan Ferry and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra!



Watch the Tour Vlog HERE


That was a show I won't forget anytime soon.

And the 2017 Bryan Ferry band was a huge joy to play with.

Several legendary musicians, a great vibe and LOTS of shows around the world.

So many moments on and off stage to be grateful for. 




2017 was also the year my YouTube channel QuistJam became Quist,

whilst reaching several milestones - including a staggering 50 MILLION VIEWS and 100,000 subscribers :) 


We released several jam albums, most recently the already very popular Into Jazz Blues



We opened a brand new store with cool new shirts & stuff!


And we had a few themed weeks, most recently Blues Week - with 7 new Blues jams!


Like this one...






We finally started building a well-stocked library of the much requested TABs on Patreon 


Like this one.... 


Medium Swing 2-5-1 in C Major - Intro Solo TAB


We even opened up a few Skype Lesson slots (have just made 2 more available)


Head on over and book yours on Patreon - details in the 'rewards' section 






And now.....2018 is here!


This year will hold more gigs than ever in my own name,

including several international ones that I can't wait to share with you guys!! 


I'm also excited to announce a brand new release schedule on YouTube 



I really, really appreciate the community we have on YouTube,

so I've decided to pour even more energy into it for you guys. 


You can support my mission to do that HERE 

...there are loads of rewards for doing so :)




You can expect more

* musicmashups & guitar remixes 

live sessions every Sunday (+ special guests)

and of course loads of

* jam tracksimprovisationsloop jamslickstips and tour vlogs from life on the road.


I will also have tons of special guests on the channel! 


And we have some colabs happening that I'm super-excited to share with you!!!!!


But, for now... 


I'll see you tomorrow - Sunday at 12 noon PDT - Live on YouTube 



With all my heart...


I wish you a brilliant, fun, creative, healthy & prosperous 2018! 











October 2017


Finally back in Los Angeles after touring Russia, Estonia & Europe with Bryan Ferry

Had a great session in London with the one and only Justin Guitar as well... watch that space! 


As a performing musician, some shows are important because of who you're playing them with.

Some, because of where you're playing. Some, because of how many people you're performing to. 

And some are special for ALL of these reasons...AND more! 


Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to play a show just like that!

So...I thought I'd take you guys along and behind-the-scenes of a magical day and night,

playing the Hollywood Bowl with Bryan Ferry! 

+ the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra! 


Playing The Hollywood Bowl - Tour Vlog #23




Hope you enjoy! 



In other QuistJam news,


I just had a special delivery from YouTube - and an inspiring letter from the CEO!!! 


Check out Facebook & Instagram to see the beautiful Silver Play Button Award they sent me :) 



Latest Jam Tracks:



C Major Jazz Jam Track - Medium Swing (1-6-2-5)



Funky Bass Backing Track - G Minor Jam



Bossa Nova Blues Backing Track (Bm)



Funk Bass Backing Track (A)



Chicago Blues Guitar Backing Track (E)



Funky Mixolydian Mode Backing Track (A)




Do subscribe (and click the bell for notifications)




Much Love,











A glimpse from the Hollywood Bowl show - playing Ladytron, August 24, 2017 



September 2017


Join Youtube legend Marty Schwartz and myself LIVE tomorrow - Saturday September 30.

We will be jamming and answering YOUR questions on Marty's totally free Saturday Facebook Live show!


1pm PDT at Marty's Facebook


More info + a trip down memory lane with Marty HERE





QuistJam just released the latest #TriggerThursday video :) 


I'm really proud of this one....


The video features one of my best, oldest friends Nils Predstrup

who is a 5 x world champion freestyle skydiver. SO TALENTED!!!


Quist - Spinna (Official Music Video)



Do share it with your friends!


Previous Trigger Thursdays: 


Quist - Wave Trigger (Official Music Video)



Quist - Rise of Silver (Official Music Video)



Quist - Glitch (Official Music Video)



Quist - Science of Traffic (Official Music Video)





You can also click here to stream and listen to the full album - completely free!






New TAB 


With more than 1,2 million views on YouTube the TAB / notation for this jam

has been requested QUITE a few times :) 


Epic Guitar Jam Track (Bm)




The TAB is now finally up on Patreon ! 


Intro Solo TAB


Thanks for everything! 











Into The Blues is 2 years old today!!! 



We are celebrating the crazy success of this album with 50% off ALL tracks, albums & TABs this week in the store!

Code = 2yearsofblues





Our Bryan Ferry + orchestra show at the Hollywood Bowl went amazingly 

we all had a great time and if you're curious, you will be able to find clips from it on the internet :) 


Here's a pic from Instagram 



The next 6 Thursdays will be Trigger Thursdays, 

with a new video released EVERY Thursday from now... so stay tuned to QuistJam




And......check out TODAY's brand new Blues jam track!

My first ever country style jam track, requested by members of the QuistJam Patreon family 

I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I ended up enjoying making it!!!











More August 2017



Tomorrow, Saturday I'm playing one of the biggest shows of my career so far.

I'll be performing at the legendary Hollywood Bowl with Bryan Ferry and a MASSIVE symphony orchestra!! 

Instagram post coming soon from our rehearsals today in Downtown, LA

Last time I was at the Bowl, I saw David Gilmour's Pink Floyd and it was SO EPIC...

So, I'm excited to say the least - it's a great, great venue, with a LOT of history!!! 




It's also the end of a very long tour, so you guys can expect a lot more output from me over the coming month,

as I'll be back in my studio in Los Angeles. 

The next 6 Thursdays will be Trigger Thursdays, as every Thursday I'll be releasing a video for my album Trigger. Most of them will be re-releases featuring the OFFICIAL audio instead of the early versions they were originally posted with, but you will also see completely new stuff.... such as the video for Chromey Yum! 

Click the image to watch us make that one in the Nevada Desert....

More Tour Vlogs HERE






Latest jam track...


Latest Blues jam track...


Latest Bass jam track...



Lots more coming soon!



Love & Music 







August 2017


After almost 4 months away from Los Angeles, the final leg of the 2017 Bryan Ferry summer tour is nearly over!

Here's a tour vlog from Las Vegas, as I head to the desert with FretMonkey Records founder Kevin Blake Goodwin,

to shoot a video for 'Trigger' track Chromey Yum 



The tour ends at the Hollywood Bowl on August 26, 2017


More Tour Vlogs HERE









July 2017


Just back from a great time performing at Montreux Jazz Festival with Bryan Ferry!

We shared the bill with Beach Boy Brian Wilson and boyyyyy was it inspiring to watch and meet this band.

The summer's touring has been intense so far. You can see where we've been and where we are going right here 





In the meantime,

QuistJam has just hit 50 MILLION VIEWS (!!!) and we are doing a live giveaway on the FRETMONKEY RECORDS Facebook 





AND this just aired... Party time in Guitarnerdsville! 


Thank you






May 2017


* The live giveaway celebrating 100,000 youtube subscribers was stopped by bad hotel internet (I'm on tour) *


 SO - it will instead be held Sunday May 21 at 9pm (CET)  



Eeeeeven More April 2017


It's been 4 years in the making...

But 'Trigger' is now officially OUT & you are looking at a happy boy 🎸💥

To say THANK YOU for all the support I'm hosting a massive

LIVE giveaway + fun quiz

I'll be giving away lots of copies of the new album

It's tomorrow Sunday - at 10 am PDT 

Live on 

You guys can read more about the album on Guitar World

or watch the first official video right HERE

I've also just uploaded a FREE 'Thank You-download' to Soundcloud (only 100 available)

Loads more jam tracks coming to QuistJam soon! 

Free jam tracks coming to the Patreon family today as well :)

Thanks for all the support!!! 


Even More April 2017

The official 'She #Zen' video is now UP :)

Directed by Kevin Blake Goodwin from FretMonkey Records

Thanks so much for all the comments and shares already!!!!


More April 2017

Very excited to announce the mighty Guitar World is hosting an exclusive video premiere
of the 1st single from my Instrumental debut album 'Trigger' - THIS Tuesday, April 25!!!!!  

Please go to to watch the video and let us know what you think when it's released!

You can also watch it (and share!) on Facebook HERE


That same night (April 25) 

We will be performing tracks from the album at legendary venue The Whisky a Go Go!!!! 

Come down & tell your friends..... IT'S FREE!

Thanks so much for the support guys!

The album is coming out on FretMonkey Records next FRIDAY - April 28, 2017!

Do pre-order, listen and help us get it in the Instrumental charts!!!!

Thank YOU!



April 2017

Just got back from the first Bryan Ferry tour of this year. Great time touring North America with a new killer lineup.

SO much has happened already this year.....if you're on the mailinglist you'll know some of it. 

In short, it's an exciting time! 

Years. Years it has taken me to finish my debut instrumental album TRIGGER

Thanks so much for the support along the way!! 

I'm so very happy to announce that you can now finally pre-order & listen to the album.....

 .......right HERE

Available in full on April 28. 

Do pre-order before then and help us get into the charts! 

TRIGGER features recent Bryan Ferry band members Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson) and Cherisse Osei (Mika, Simple Minds) as well as top drummer Dave De Rose (Mark Ronson), keys wizard Magnus Fiennes (Gary Moore, Shakira) and bass ace Jonathan Harvey (Valerie June)

Come join me and my all-star band as we celebrate the album launch at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood on April 25, 2017!

We will perform tracks from the album 9pm-9.40pm and I'll then be available to sign CDs etc for a short time after while the place erupts into an all-star jam night :) 

Speaking of jamming.....loads more jam tracks coming very soon to QuistJam ! 


The latest TAB on the QuistJam Patreon Page is the intro solo for this 

Blues Ballad Backing Track (A Minor) 

Thanks so much for all your support!!!

(More) January 2017

is celebrating 40 MILLION views on YouTube today!!! 


We're giving away a free download of 'Chromey Yum' 


It comes from the album 'Trigger' - out March 2017 🎸  

You can also download ANY jam track or album at 1/2 price till the end of next week (January 22)

Use promo code 40million


(It's actually 75% off for my Patreon Family)

Thanks so much for the support guys!!!!

January 2017


2016 was a crazy year. For the world and for me personally.

Played a bunch of great shows with Bryan Ferry, worked my *ss off on QuistJam, finished my album Trigger, yet was also faced with challenges beyond anything I've ever experienced before...

But somehow I lived through it to tell the tale - with a bunch of stuff to be super-grateful for :)

This morning I drove down the coast to jam and shoot videos with my friend Marty Schwartz 

- for his new kick-ass guitar channel Marty Music

This was SO much fun and maaan is it obvious why Marty is literally the world's most popular guitar teacher.

After our session I stopped by KX93.5 FM in Laguna Beach to chat and jam live on the radio with hosts and fellow guitarists Brett Ecklund and Tommy Benson.

These guys made me feel so welcome and reminded me once again how much I love being here in California.

You can listen to the podcast HERE 

And as if that wasn't enough.. 

After the first hour, the station premiered the whole of my soon-to-be-released album Trigger on the radio!! 

I sat for a moment in my car outside listening to this music it has taken me nearly 5 years to complete...

Next week presents another major milestone for me....

I'll be performing tracks from Trigger live for the first time - at NAMM 2017.

Suffice it to say...I'm extremely grateful for everything that's going on and bloody excited about this year!!!!

I'd also like to shout out to my new Patreon family.... love you guys!!!!! 

And.... to all the players, young and old, around the world being creative with QuistJam...

You guys are amazing... you inspire me EVERY DAY and I'm so grateful and thankful for our community!! 

If Blues is your jam....Grab a free track download of the brand new album Into The Blues, vol. 2 HERE

Thanks so much for the support y'all...



February 2016

Oooooooooh how time flies when you're having fun.. 

Let's start off with a free download of Chromey Yum from TRIGGER

This year has brought some really interesting collaborations so far! 

I recently co-wrote some songs with mega-producer Magnus Fiennes here in Hollywood for a new artist on SONY MUSIC..  

A-MAZING voice and talent! 

I look forward to sharing more on that and several other super-exciting colabs going on!!!

This January I also went to my 2nd ever NAMM... and made a Vlog this time :) 

THIS Wednesday (24th of February) I'll be playing at the famous Ultimate Jam Night at Lucky Strike in Hollywood.

I'll be joined by Walter Ino on vox/gui (Survivor), Shane Soloski on bass (Brian Wilson), Dennis Leeflang on drums (plays with Guns n' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal) and my Bryan Ferry band mate/MD Paul Beard on keys... should be great fun!!! 

Facebook event HERE if you're in LA


In other news - the January Jam-off was a BLAST!! 

Congrats to the winners, those who got special mentions and everyone who contributed and made this a great success.

I think we will have to act on the many requests and do this again soon! 

HERE is the video announcing the winners 

And you can check out ALL the accepted entries HERE


Last year a gazillion good things happened, very few of which were documented on these pages. 

Many did make it to the Newsletter tho - you can sign up for that HERE

Apart from touring with Bryan Ferry, I also finished mixing my album TRIGGER, finished recording a sample album of my whackiest guitar sounds, received the first copies of mine and Les Davidson's book The Guitarist's Ultimate Chart Reading Book, co-wrote an album and lots of tunes with lots of great people, met a bunch of new people and some top producers...aaaaand made a TON of music, jam tracks, tour vlogs and more for QuistJam 


Meeting The Kinks' Dave Davies earlier in the year and then being invited by him and his lovely partner to their LA show at the legendary Roxy Theatre was super ..

I also got a thrill out of reaching out to the drum-community with DRUM WEEK on QuistJam 

I wanted to give a little back to that community as well. After all, a band is - as you probably know - only as good as its drummer!

Here's one of the drum jam track from that week.... 

Also paid tribute to the one and only, the crazy-influential Jimi Hendrix... 

With THIS Hendrix-style Slow Blues Jam Track

We also celebrated Jazz Blues Week on QuistJam 

- and as always we put out 7 tracks during those 7 days!

Here's one of them...

Jazz Blues Jam Track (F) - 200 BPM


To make it nice and easy for the jammers amongst you guys we also made a playlist with all 7 tracks... 

Jazz Blues Week PLAYLIST

We also now have LOTS more jam albums (with free scale maps) up for grabs in the SHOP

Check out the best-selling Groovin' Through The Modes - which originally was released on itunes back in 2012! 


Groovin' Through The Modes, Vol. 2 


10 ROCKING MODAL Practice Backing Tracks

Hours of music fun!!! 

Thanks for the support you guys...

You are amazing....HAVE FUN!!! 


January 2016

Happy New Year!!! 

The last few months have been super hectic.. but good. 

Went to the UK for the final Bryan Ferry shows of 2015. 

Wrote some music in Luke Bullen's great Norwich studio...  

FINALLY finished the last mixes of my album in Brighton - with the amazing James Wiltshire! 

Can't wait to share all of TRIGGER with you guys!!!! 

In fact, tons of great stuff has happened in the past few months...

But before I tell you any of it.. I must announce that I've decided to host a 

Jam Competition on QuistJam throughout January 2016!!! 

We've got loads of prizes, including an EXCLUSIVE Skype lesson from #1 guitar teacher Marty Schwartz, an Electro-Harmonix Headphone Amp, Books & several Downloads! If you play ANY instrument, love it, want to get better at it AND would like the chance to be featured in a future QuistJam video - GET INVOLVED! 

This video tells you how you can enter... 


PS. More updates coming shortly.... 

QuistJam turns 5 & Odd Time Signatures Week 

October 19 is QuistJam's 5 year birthday and I decided to celebrate in true music geek style by doing a week of Odd Time Signature themed releases...

7 days. 7 new tracks! 

All revolving around the brain-ticklingly wonderful world of weird time signatures! 

Check out the 7 tracks HERE... 

Odd Time Signatures Week PLAYLIST

From groove blues in 5/4, funk in 7/8, to prog rock in 11/8 and lots was a fun week!!

Here are a few tasters...

Jazz Funk Blues Backing Track in 3/4 

11/8 Progressive Rock Backing Track

Jazz Blues Waltz Backing Track (Am)

Also, I couldn't resist making a version of Pink Floyd's Money!!! 

'Money' is of course one of the world's most famous tunes in an irregular time signature - and an awesome, AWESOME riff and song as a whole...  

And to think I spent all of last year touring and playing with my friend Guy Pratt, who is currently on tour with David Gilmour's Pink Floyd playing this very tune on his bass..


As always, I really hope these tracks and videos will brighten your day, light a creative spark or just make you smile :) 

October 2015 

I've JUST come back from 5 weeks on the road in Europe with Bryan Ferry.

It was a great tour and I got to do my thing in some seriously beautiful venues along the way - so I'm preeeeetty grateful for that, gotta say!! 

Along the way I started a relationship with US amp maker SUPRO - they kindly sent me a Supro Royal Reverb amp to use for the UK leg of the tour. Great tones!!! 

I also received the very first copies of a book I've been working on for YEARS with my friend Les Davidson, who is a great guitarist, known for his work with artists like Tina Turner and Shakin Stevens. 

I made a quick Tour Vlog about it - check it out here :) 

Also - QuistJam is still growing at a crazy rate!! 

Here are a couple of the latest videos.... 

A Chicago Blues Shuffle Jam Track 

An A Dorian Funk Blues Jam Track to get funky with...

A Slow Jazz Blues Jam Track for those perhaps starting their journey into Jazz...

A Minor Blues Jam Track in Em to get real down and dirty with....

And a fun, silly track I made with my baby daughter, as I was missing her in the middle of our tour...

Silver's Park Song

Hope these will brighten your day, light a creative spark or just make you smile :)


Into The Blues 

A few months ago I released a batch of Jam Tracks for Blues Week on QuistJam.

Due to the popularity of some of these tracks, coupled with literally 100s of people asking me to make a downloadable album of Blues tracks through the past couple of years, I finally went and did it!!!

I looooove playing the Blues. Grew up with it.

So, without further ado... 

YOU can preview and download the album Into The Blues HERE 

And you can listen to the WHOLE THING on QuistJam HERE !!!

Tour Vlog #4

Happy 79th Birthday to the one and only Buddy Guy

Decided to celebrate his inspiring energy with this Chicago Blues style jam track!

June 2015

I'm back in LA after 8 weeks of performing and working in the UK with Bryan Ferry!

You can follow the (slightly delayed) action on the Tour Vlog

In the meantime, 

It's JAZZ WEEK on my youtube channel! 

So - for those of you who are into it, make sure you check out QuistJam this week!

7 days - 7 tracks!!!

Here's the show opener.... 

Easy Jazz Blues Jam Track 

Have FUN! 

Quist x

May 2015

In April, I left Los Angeles for an 8 week period of work with the legend that is Bryan Ferry. 

I decided to expand the "menu" on my youtube channel QuistJam and start a Tour Vlog. So here goes:


It has been awesome so far. It has also been pretty hard work to be honest though, so my other output has suffered a little.  

I have a final mix date for my album though! As the tour hits Brighton in June, I will spend the day before our gig in the studio.

So - I will FINALLY be ready to put out my album TRIGGER! 

Here's the video for Wave Trigger, which features bass player Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd) and drummer Dave De Rose (Mark Ronson)

You can also have a listen and download the funky Guy Pratt-fuelled PPC on my Soundcloud 

QuistJam celebrated Blues Week earlier on  - 

with 7 blues jam tracks released in a week. 

Here's a Clapton-style Shuffle Blues 

And a B.B. King-inspired track, which - apart from telling the story of his famous guitar 'Lucille' - now also serves as a way to remember and honour the great man, who sadly passed away at 89 on May 14th, 2015. I saw him 3 times growing up and have always been very inspired by his musicality, heart and humanity. Truly someone worth looking up to in every way. RIP B.B. King. 

I also provided some tracks for the #1 Amazon best-selling music book Funk Guitar Mastery  by Joseph Alexander. Check it out! 

On the tour, I have also put out a few more jam tracks of course :)

Here's a recent 40-minute Funk Jam - recorded in a hotel in Birmingham, before our gig there! 

Actually - come to think of it, I also added another new series to the "QuistJam menu" = Jazzified! 

The first episode was fun and the response it had made me want to make more......

To finish off for now, I'll leave you with a few pictures from our shows......

Live in Manchester. By Matthew Becker

Crazy shadow! Birmingham. By Millie Thompson

Learning from the best at soundcheck. By Matthew Becker

Session guitar legend Waddy Wachtel and I at soundcheck, before he joined us onstage that night in Edinburgh! 
By Matthew Becker

Lots of love! 


March 2015 

Howdy all 

Wow, time does fly when you're having fun! 

The last few months have been amazing. I have relocated to Los Angeles, but still continue to work with Bryan Ferry.

We recently had a great time recording at the legendary RAK Studios 

And a week ago I got to realize a lifelong ambition to perform on the Jonathan Ross Show! 

Here we are in the green room :) 

I have spent the past months making a LOT of music.

Co-writing with top songwriters here in LA is something I've always wanted to try out - and so far it's been a blast!!

Watch this space.... 

My first instrumental album TRIGGER will soon be ready for release!!  

The album features a bunch of amazing musicians, including legendary bass player Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd, Gary Moore) and Cherisse Osei (Mika, Paloma Faith) on drums!

You can have a listen and grab a free download here


Here's the video for Science of Traffic

In January, I visited the famous Musician Institute in Hollywood for a guest session.

Having dreamt of attending this music school as a teenager, this was like a dream come true! 

With 10+ Million views, my youtube QuistJam is still growing wildly and I'm continually amazed and inspired by the community that is taking shape.

Inspiring people to be creative through music has very much become one of the most important parts of my "mission statement" in terms of what I do as a musician!

Here are some of the latest Jam Tracks 

And a new series - jam tracks for bass players to get creative with! 

And finally - a THANK YOU video, with some of my favorite comments :) 

I have also decided to try documenting a bit more of the work I do as a session guitarist... 

Here's a snapshot from a session I did with a great UK production team in LA 

Aaaaaaaanyways - gotta run now, but if you want to see more of what I get up to, make sure to connect on


Lots of Love!  


November 2014

Had a great time touring my Scandinavian homeland with Bryan Ferry - here's a picture from my hometown gig in Copenhagen: 

In Denmark, I also took the time to go chat with top gents Mikael Simpson and Carsten Holm at Danish Radio P6 BEAT.

It was SO great to catch up and play some of the music from my own forthcoming album TRIGGER! 

You can have a listen and grab a free download here: 

She #zen - TRIGGER 

I've also done some nice TV sessions with team BF recently, including a revisit to the Jools Holland show.

We played 4 tunes, including 3 new tunes from Bryan's forthcoming new album Avonmore

Here we are, performing the first single, Loop De Li 

is still growing massively, with over 8 million views and 22,000 subscribers now! 

Here's a recent jam track... I just can't get enough of slide guitar playing!

That's it for now -

Be well. 

Live. Play. Love 


October 2014

This year has been an incredible ride so far! 

Admittedly, I have not been very good at keeping this page updated...

If you'd like more frequent updates, may I suggest linking up to my Facebook and Twitter :) 

I've just returned from another great US/Canada tour with Bryan Ferry.

Here's a review from our show at Pabst Theater in Milwaukee , where we debuted Loop De Li from Bryan's new album

I'm delighted to say that I played on Avonmore, alongside an unbelievable cast of guitarists - including Mark Knopfler, Nile Rodgers and Johnny Marr! 

We also spent the summer touring in Europe and playing at various festivals - including Zofingen in Switzerland and of course Glastonbury! We played a few really special shows in Dublin as well - with a full orchestra!!  

The band is about to head to Scandinavia, which - naturally - I'm very excited about, as large parts of my family will be there :) 

I will be guest of the day on Wednesday the 22nd of October from 10am on Carsten Holm's brilliant radio show on DR P6 in Denmark. Here, I'll be talking about working with Bryan Ferry as well as playing some music from my own coming album, TRIGGER.

I've made good progress on TRIGGER over the last few months, having some fab final recording sessions for it..

Here's Cherisse Osei (from Bryan's band) recording for my album in Bryan's Studio One 

And I'm extremely thrilled that legendary bass player Guy Pratt also recorded on my album - playing his trusted "Betsy", which has seen action with Pink Floyd amongst so many other great artists. 

Here is the track She #zen, which features both Cherisse and Guy - 

And here's the video for Spinna - featuring my friend Nils Predstrup, who is a 5 x world champion freestyle skydiver

The album is now being mixed by sound wizard James Wiltshire, from UK hit-making duo Freemasons 

My youtube channel QuistJam keeps growing like crazy, having now reached 21,000 subscribers and nearly 8 million views! 

Here's the video for my track Science of Traffic 

Here's a recent jam track....  

- and here's a London Style cover of Pharrell Williams' HAPPY :) 

Finally, It also gives me great pleasure to say that I recently signed a publishing contract for my second book, which I created with UK session guitar legend Les Davidson.

The book has been underway for more than 2 years, so Les and I are well excited to see the project finally come to fruition!!!! 

Gotta run now, but more updates will come soon...

Peace and Love.

Thank You 



April 2014

Howdy ya'll!

I've just come back from a great tour of the States - my first larger chunk of work as lead guitarist for the legend that is Bryan Ferry

Check out Bryan talking about his new band HERE

And HERE is a review of the last gig of this leg - at the beautiful Santa Barbara Bowl

I had an absolutely fantastic time with the band and crew - undoubtedly one of the best I have ever worked with!

Here is BF in action, looking - as I'm sure you'll agree - as dapper as ever!

Also in view are Bobbie and Jodie, vocalists extraordinaire - and in the wing is Matty, the best guitar tech I have ever worked with. 

Lots of new friends were made - and a load of memorable moments to charish....

not least playing Coachella with Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler standing at the side of the stage for the entire gig....aaaargh!!!

Here's Kiss & Tell from the 2nd Coachella show

and Ladytron live in Oakland 

There's more pics HERE - and more videos HERE

Before the tour, I recorded a few videos with Danish video WIZARD Rasmus Quistgaard

The first one was released a few days ago, for my instrumental track Rise of Silver

QuistTV also reached another milestone a few days ago, gaining its 14,000 subscriber - with the view count now at nearly 6 million and an ever-increasing amount of monthly views. It's a fantastic community taking shape and I'm mega-grateful for it. 

Here's a recent video - a casual slow blues improv


I have also written and recorded more features for Guitar Techniques Magazine,  the latest being this Pentatonic Scale piece

I have also been busy working on more tracks for my instrumental album TRIGGER - 

You can grab a free download of my track Glitch HERE

AND... I've been working on a fair bit of film music lately.. more on that later!! 

Gotta run.




2014 has been an amazing ride so far!! 

In January, I signed my youtube channel QuistTV to Omnia Media

The channel just keeps growing and growing and has now reached over 5 million views and 12,000 subscribers.
Needless to say, I'm extremely grateful for the community taking shape! 

I've also been working as lead guitarist with the legendary Bryan Ferry - and will be heading out to tour the States in April!  

I can't tell you how much fun it is and how "right" this gig feels... the band is a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I can't wait to hit the road with this lot! 

Speaking of new playmates... 

Here's my new Gibson Les Paul Custom! She plays like a dream and I do believe I'm in love :) 

This pic was is from a filming session the other day..I now have more tracks recorded for my album Trigger and can't wait to share more music and videos in the very near future. Last week saw the recording of new videos for two new album tracks - filmed by the awesome and brilliantly creative Rasmus Quistgaard!

Make sure to subscribe to QuistTV to see the results! 

Here we are - in the studio - with Rasmus' beloved camera crane in action :) 

I've also kept the jam tracks coming - here's a slow blues guitar backing track in G I've been having fun with...

I've also been writing and recording more features for the great people at Guitar Techniques Magazine!

Here's my "How Music Works" feature:

As well as my "Giants of Blues" feature, which was great fun to make!

Finally, I'll be heading out in mid March for some TMS promotional Masterclasses in Paris and also REALLY look forward to having my very own Masterclass at Tech Music School on April 29th, 2014! 

That's all for now folks.... 

Be well - and do remember to have FUN! 



I've just come back from sunny LA, where I had an absolutely amazing time, meeting and playing with some fantastic people. 

I went more or less straight to the BBC to do a live acoustic radio session with Bo Saris, at BBC London.

Great fun - and here we are: 

I've spent much of my summer on the roadperforming with Valerie June - hitting many of the major festivals as well as radio & TV. 

I've also recently done some shows with the UK's biggest selling jazz musician (ever!), Jamie Cullum. That was a LOT of fun, he's a fantastic musician and a really fun guy as well.

I've also met a fair few of my heroes this summer. Perhaps most notably, we had the chance to hang out in a really intimate setting with Prince at Montreux Jazz Festival, which was amazing.

And....about a week ago we played a great Dutch festival called Into The Great Wide Open - and guess who I met backstage? 

Legendary hitmaker Nile Rodgers and his AWESOME sounding Strat!!

Such a lovely guy - and with such undeniable skills.... I had a lot of fun watching his set with Chic from the side of the stage.

Good times!! 

A few days later we did Bestival - and then iTunes Festival at London's Roundhouse, which was fun. Beautiful venue! 

I've also managed to work a fair bit on my own music and I will be airing a video for a brand new instrumental guitar track next week, featuring mighty musicians Dave DeRose on drums and Jon Harvey on bass. The video was made by video-making wizard Dave from DVRevolution

I have also been writing and recording more frontpage features for Guitar Techniques Magazine.

Here's one of the recent ones - my take on building strong solos! 

I have also just published another album of jam tracks - Groovin' Through The Modes, Vol. 5

Here's a sample - a fun groove-based jam track for B Dorian Mode :)


Finally, I'm putting the finishing touches on a new book these days, co-written with legendary session guitarist Les Davidson. Can't wait to share this book with the guitarists out there... I'm really proud of the results! Nearly 2 years in the making!!

I'm off to Los Angeles in a few days.... now where did I leave that sunscreen????

Peace & Love 



I'm currently touring with US singer Valerie June 

We've been playing sold out shows across Europe and are now touring the UK

Her album Pushin' Against a Stone was released a few days ago, when we were in France for TV & radio shows! 

Here we are on Canal + "Le Grand Journal" playing You Can't Be Told and Somebody To Love

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo
Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

The other day I discovered this Little Mix track, which features Missy Elliott!!! 

I recorded the guitar for this a while ago - possibly my poppiest bit of session guitaring so far!

I'm also keeping a steady output of frontpage features for Guitar Techniques Magazine - Here's my Electric Fingerstyle Blues feature from a recent issue

I have also been working on my next album - as well as a host of Jam Tracks.

I've started a new series of tracks featuring odd time signatures. Here's a C Minor ballad in 11/8

Finally, I also created Groovin' Through The Modes, vol. 5 & 6 from the road.

I made special versions of Groovin' 6 for free download with prominent guitar book author Joseph Alexander's next book Modern Music Theory for Guitarists. 

The book has just been released and you can check it out HERE

Spring is in the air - ENJOY :)


2013 has started in great style :)

I picked up a lovely Gibson 335 from 1968 when over playing in the States..

Here it is, in action a few days ago on a recording for XFM in London

Am absolutely 100% in love with this guitar!!!! 

Returning from the States, I went straight to an acoustic gig with Kristina Train, live on Magic FM for the opening of The Shard in London!

Apparently, we broke some kind of record for highest live gig in Europe!!

The view 


We also did some other really fun gigs, including supporting the legendary Ron Sexsmith at The Royal Albert Hall! I was SOOO grateful to be back at this amazing venue - and this time I actually had time to really charish and enjoy stepping into the spotlight on this historic stage. 

I also did some videos and recording with brilliant US singer Valerie June. Much of her album is produced by the great Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys and it's a total joy playing this music! 

Check out the video for her single You Can't Be Told (featuring yours truly) HERE

I also really enjoyed touring the UK with Valerie and her fantastic band through February, supporting the awesome Jake Bugg. We hit some great venues along the way! 

I was also proud to see my very first cover feature in Guitar Techniques Magazine: 

I wrote and recorded both the Arpeggios feature and the blues column on Jerry Garcia in this issue. Great fun!! 

I have just returned to the studio after touring and work is progressing nicely on my new solo album
- as well as my growing collection of jam tracks. 

Here's the latest addition from QuistTV

7/8 Shuffle Funk Groove Jam Track for E Dorian / G Dorian mode :) 

February also saw the release of my 6th album of Jam Tracks:

You can check it out HERE

There's LOADS more in the pipeline, but now I must ruuuuuuuun!

I hope you are all well out there.

Thanks for tuning in :) 

Much Love 



Happy New Year!

The end of last year was crazy busy for me!

Some of the highlights....

In December, I spent 3 weeks performing just about every night at the Queen Elisabeth Hall with a fantastic group of people, in a modern take on H.C. Anderson's Little Match Girl, fronted by the HUGELY talented (and extremely funny) Meow Meow. Great times!

Also had a lovely gig at Smooth Radio's bash at the beautiful Union Chapel venue... some great artists appeared, incl. soul legend Jocelyn Brown... WOW!

Earlier, I had a GREAT time at Abbey Road with Kristina Train, recording Channel 4's Live at Abbey Road series... here's a LINK :)

Kristina and I also performed live on BBC Breakfast - you can see our performance HERE

I was also pleased to see the release of Stooshe "Waterfalls" cover, which I played acoustic guitar on

I also wrote and recorded another blues column for Guitar Techniques Magazine, as well as my very first cover story feature! Those are coming out in issue 214... can't wait to see what people think of all of that!

I also completed my first transcription for GT - the AWESOME 'Well To The Bone' by Scott Henderson... that was fun!!... and certainly got my playing in good shape for the recording... that man can PLAY!!!!!! This comes out in GT215.

QuistTV has also taken a HUGE step up in recent months and seems to continue reaching quite a few peeps around the world... happy days!

New year will see a WHOLE LOT OF NEW MUSIC from my side - new songs, instrumental tracks, guitar duets, jam tracks and more!

Stay tuned, thanks for reading...

- and have a FANTASTIC 2013!!!



November 2012

Where to start.... I have just finished a great tour with the aaaawesome Kristina Train, supporting the lovely Amy McDonald around the UK - this was last night at Royal Festival Hall in London

We also took time out from the tour to appear on Jools Holland's TV show - dream come true! And it was great to get to play with two of the co-writers of Kristina's fabulous album 'Dark Black' - namely Ed Harcourt and Martin Craft!! 

Here's one of the 3 tracks we did.. 

It was a cool show and we met some really nice people - including The Killers, who where ace! 

The show also featured the AMAZING Valerie June, whom I'm lucky enough to be touring Europe with this month! Am totally stunned by her voice and love the music too - some of the tracks are produced by Dan Auerbach (from The Black Keys), so needless to say, I'm loving the guitar work! 

Here's my new pedalboard I took on the last tour, thanks to the AWESOME Diago gear! 

I will be updating my gear quite a bit over the next few weeks.. very excited :) 

In other news, 

QuistTV is still growing like crazy and will hit 2 million views soon :) 

As people have requested it again and again over the last year, I have decided to put out some little videos featuring some of my favourite licks, techniques & concepts - I call them "nuggets" :)

Here we go... 

and here's a taster track from my experimental guitar album.. 

Next week brings Kristina Train's first London headline show at Bush Hall on Monday. 
Tuesday we support awesome singer Gotye at the maaaaassive Hammersmith Apollo. 

Wednesday, I'm off to Paris for the start of Valerie June's tour of Europe.

Then......I'm VERY excited to be going to ABBEY ROAD Studios to record a live session for Channel 4 with Kristina and the gang... 

In other words... good times! 

Hope you are well - and to see you soon out there... 

PS. Whenever I'm free on a Friday night in London, I play at Camden Blues Kitchen with Miss Hoodoo & The Delta Boys who have a residency down there.. it's always filled to the brim with people and TONS of fun - come down! 


Check out the new single from Stooshe - was fun playing the acoustic guitar on this!

A Little More August 2012...

Just came back from an amazing couple of days with legendary UK singer Alison Moyet and her FANTASTIC band! We headlined Manchester Pride, which was a real privilege - lots of LOVE in the air!

Here we are, playing Situation and Momma Momma

I also played guitar on a really cool sounding Future Cut-produced track recently - only to realise it was for the UK girl group Little Mix, who are currently No. 1 in the charts! Can't wait to hear the results!!

More time has also been spent with Kristina Train - here we are at BBC North having just played live on air.

She really is a STUNNING performer!

August 2012

Hope you're enjoying the summer, wherever you are...

The last few months have been crazy... but in a good way :)

In the last week I have been doing a bunch of live radio sessions with the mightily talented Kristina Train

Known already for other work, including touring and singing for Herbie Hancock's band, Kristina is in possession of an absolutely STUNNING voice and her debut single on Mercury Records "Dream of Me" is now A-listed on many of the major radio stations here in the UK.

Here is the video:

I have also been working with an extremely talented fella by the name of Bo Saris

Bo is an AMAZING singer and his single "She's On Fire" has caused QUITE a stir - it seems every A&R man and his uncle is now trying to sign Bo. It has been interesting playing showcases for many of the world's most prestigious labels... he deserves it and the band sounds KILLING!

Here's the single

I've also done some great acoustic sessions with Bo, which should be out soon.. good times.

Studio-wise, I have been doing quite a few sessions - most recently for awesome UK hit makers Future Cut - played on a HOT new single for Stooshe the other day :)

I have also recorded and published a large amount of Jam Tracks on QuistTV - all of which will soon be available on the new JamTracksMania ! This includes 2 new albums, which I've recorded over the last few months...

Here's the most recent jam track, published today :)

For the guitarists and jammers out there, the new site will be ready very soon - in the meantime, the old one is of course up and running :)

I recently managed to feature one of my all-time favourite guitarists in the Guitar Techniques column :)

Was a lot of fun to write and record this one...

I'm also co-writing my 2nd book with one of the UK's most experienced session guitarists - that should be ready to go soon, which is VEEERY exciting for me :) Tell you more about that later on...

I'm still loving the Deeflexx by Hoovi - Here it is at Latitude Festival

and here it is rehearsing with Bo Saris...

Stay tuned, new Quist tracks coming soon!

Right... gotta shoot - enjoy the summer vibes!!!!!



June 2012

How is it June already???? 

Well, it's been an amazing year so far, 

I played a sold-out Royal Albert Hall a few weeks ago, with a wonderful new Irish artist signed to Decca. This is what the stage looked like from the other side.. a FAN-TAS-TIC NIGHT.

Also recently had a fun showcase with the mightily talented, million-selling American singer Andy Grammar

I've literally JUST played the last gig of British award-nominated Blues artist Tristan Mackay's first UK tour, which was great fun. I supported him on a few of the shows along the way - as did awesome Canadian singer/songwriter Andrew James O'Brien. Check them both out, if you haven't already!

Earlier this year, I had LOADS of fun playing with legendary bass player TM Stevens at his masterclass, organised by Tech Music School... here's a clip

2012 has seen about 30 Jam Track releases so far, via MeriTone Music and - all available on iTunes and the rest of the online vendors. 

This includes the 3 albums

Due to the growing popularity of my Jam Tracks, QuistTV actually hit 1,000,000 views in May! 

On another note, I've been loving writing and recording the monthly Blues Column in Guitar Techniques Magazine! Done it for nearly 6 months now, thanks to the great John Wheatcroft! Needless to say, it's a total honour working with the world's best guitar magazine on technique :)

Here's the very first one I made, on Jack White

Lastly, I've been trying out an awesome device called the Deeflexx. Here it is, with my trusted 70's Strat at the BBC. Highly recommended!

Loads more in the pipeline, but now I gotta dash.

Thanks for reading! 




January 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

Lots of stuff happening these days.. lots of time spent in the new studio, making progress on the new Quist album..can't wait to get it out there....

There's a fair few Jam Tracks in production as well - they seem to be finding a fast growing audience on Youtube/iTunes and such places! :)

Last year ended with some fun gigs, thereamongst sessions with beautiful L.A. singer Tara Priya. In this context I also met the extremely funny and very talented Raghav, as well as BBC Radio DJ Nihal at his Bombay Bronx night.

December also saw the release of the very first batch of downloadable jam tracks from - now available from iTunes and all the rest of the online vendors!

And JUST before Xmas I signed a contract with a well known Guitar Magazine as I'll be writing for them in the new year... chuffed!!



The awesome Max Keiser from edgy TV programme Keiser Report on Russia Today has just put out the STFU David Cameron Remix on both his website and his Facebook !

AND the Quist track has just been featured on Russia Today as well!! Here's a snippet

Hilarious! :) :)


Electric Aunt Jemima debut on F-IRE on the 10th day of October 2011!

This experimental album was recorded with Graeme Flowers, Ivo Neame, Neil Charles, Michel Castellanos, Vince Vella and Danay Suarez. Music by Quist - released on F-IRE 10/10/2011

EAJ on Facebook:

Launch Gig at Cafe 1001 (Brick Lane E1) 0n 17/10/2011

8pm - Free Entry!!

 'City Echoes' is out on Itunes on the 3rd day of October 2011!

Available on iTunes, Amazon, etc!

City Echoes is the first single release from the coming experimental album of the same name. The single is featured alongside tracks from guitar greats like Slash, Buckethead & Tom Morello in Quist’s first book (on rock guitar), out in the autumn of 2011 - and published worldwide by the world’s leading publisher of illustrated non-fiction books, Parragon. Experimental, dirty and virtuosic in equal measure, City Echoes has traits of P.J. Harvey, Muse and Swedish neo-classical hard rocker Yngwie Malmsteen mixed up into one hell of an explosive moment of experimental guitar music.


16th September - spreading some ♥ guitar love ♥

1st September 2011...STFU David Cameron!

In response to the London riots, here's a track feat. samples from the extraordinary speech by Pauline Pearce aka Lady P - taking on rioters in Hackney, London. Legend.

August 6 2011

Just had a great session today filming a video for one of the new experimental guitar tracks - should be out on QuistTV soon - many thanks to director David Proud and his awesome crew!

One of the techniques used in this one:

I've just found out copies of my book on Rock Guitar will arrive from the printers in late September... can't wait!! It'll be out worldwide on Parragon later this year...

Also, I'm moving into a new recording studio this week... very excited!


PS. Check out my growing collection of jam tracks on

June 28 2011

Off to Canada to play Montreal Jazz Festival with Gizelle Smith and band in a few days... then off to Europe!