From the album Into The Blues, Vol. 3

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Slow Blues jam track in F for ya'll...pure healing music!

Watch on youtube - with intro improvisation:

Chord progression:

II: F7 I Bb7 I F7 I F7 I
II: Bb7 I Bb7 I F7 I F7 I
II: C7 I Bb7 I F7 I C7 :II

Suggested scales:

F minor pentatonic scale - F Ab Bb C Eb

F major pentatonic scale - F G A C D

F mixolydian mode - F G A Bb C D Eb

F dorian mode - F G Ab Bb C D Eb

F major scale - F G A Bb C D E

Knowing the arpeggios will be really handy too...

F7 - F A C Eb
Bb7 - Bb D F Ab
C7 - C E G Bb

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