From the album Into The Blues, Vol. 3

Epic slow Blues jam track in A major for y'all to have fun improvising over! The track is inspired by a Jimi Hendrix type of Blues vibe, aiming for a Mitch Mitchell style feel on the drums.

Watch on youtube - with intro improvisation:

Basic chord progression:

II: A7 I D7 I A7 I A7 I
I D7 I D7 I A7 I A7 I
I E7 I D7 I A7 I A7 E7 :II

Knowing the main I-IV-V 7th arpeggios will come in handy:

A7 - A C# E G
D7 - D F# A C
E7 - E G# B D

Suggested scales:

A Minor Pentatonic - A C D E G

A Minor Blues Scale - A C D D# E G

And -

A Major Pentatonic - A B C# E F#

(you could think F# minor pentatonic as it's the same!)

A Mixolydian (A chords) - A B C# D E F# G

A Dorian (D chords, A chords) - A B C D E F# G

A Major Scale (E chords) - A B C# D E F# G#


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