From the album Into Jazz Blues

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Smooth Jazz jam track for you to have fun improvising on a jazzy but simple 12-bar blues progression in the key of E minor.

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Chord Progression:

12-bar Minor Blues!

Em9 - Em9 - Em9 - Em9
Am9 - Am9 - Em9 - Em9
C13 - B7#9 - Em9 - Em9

Scale suggestions:

E Minor Pentatonic Scale - E G A B D (E)
E Minor Blues Scale - E G A Bb B D (E)
E Minor Scale (Aeolian Mode) - E F# G A B C D (E)

Advanced options:

C13 chords

C Lydian Dominant - C D E F# G A Bb (C)

This is the 4th mode of the G Melodic Minor Scale!

B7#9 chords

B Altered Scale (Superlocrian Mode) - B C D Eb F G A (B)

This is the 7th mode of the C Melodic Minor Scale!