From the album Into Jazz Blues

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Medium swing Jazz Blues play-along in Bb major!

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Intro solo TAB/notation (Copycat Jam #3)

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Tempo - 130 BPM

Chord Progression:

II: Bb7 I Eb7 I Bb7 I Fm7 Bb7 I
I Eb7 I Edim7 I Bb7 I G7 I
I Cm7 I F7 I Bb7 G7 I Cm7 F7 :II


Bb Minor Pentatonic Scale: Bb Db Eb F Ab (Bb)

Bb Minor Blues Scale: Bb Db Eb E F Ab (Bb)


Bb Mixolydian Mode: Bb C D Eb F G Ab (Bb) - Bb7 chords

Bb Dorian Mode: Bb C D Eb F G Ab (Bb) - Eb7 chords

C Harmonic Minor Scale: C D Eb F G Ab B (C) - G7 Chords

C Dorian Mode: C D Eb F G A Bb (C) - Cm7 chords

F Mixolydian Mode: F G A Bb C D Eb F - F7 chords

C Dorian and F Mixolydian contains the same notes as Bb Major Scale!

Bb Major Scale - Bb C D Eb F G A (Bb)

You can also treat the G7 as a G7alt chord and use the G Altered Scale...

G Altered Scale: G Ab Bb B Db Eb F (G)

G Altered Scale is also known as G Super Locrian - and it's the 7th mode of the Ab Melodic Minor Scale.


Bb7 - Bb D F Ab

Eb7 - Eb G Bb Db

Fm7 - F Ab C Eb

Edim7 - E G Bb Db

G7 - G B D F

Cm7 - C Eb G Bb

F7 - F A C Eb

You can also practice switching between G Altered Scale and Cm7 on THIS TRACK: