This Ambient chill out jam track is based on the majestic and Blues-fuelled A Mixolydian Mode. You can play along on your instrument, do some yoga, meditate OR just CHILL OUT & RELAX!

Learn yoga with Sean Vigue

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Yoga has become a HUGE help to me in recent years. It can naturally fix aches and pains from working with music and playing the guitar... it's basically THE best solution I've found, so I wanted to share that with you guys.

You can treat this as yoga music, sleep music, relaxation music, meditation music, healing music, study music, zen music, spa music, massage music or simply a comforting bowl of audio soup - in the shape of nice, relaxing guitar music :)


Recorded live with 1 electric guitar

Les Paul Custom Lite (1987)

....Using a Strymon Timeline delay!


Scale suggestions:

A mixolydian mode - A B C# D E F# G (A)

A major pentatonic scale - A B C# E F# (A)



Have a great yoga session, listening session, chill out moment, time to reflect or simply a relaxing time!

Hopefully it will help you feel more calm and refreshed, less stressed and able to concentrate better....